About Us

Hamilton PAWS came together in 2010 to address gaps in services and to find practical solutions for vulnerable persons and their animal companions. The vision of the program was specifically designed to address the lack of resources for those needing to access essential services and were denied entry because those facilities did/do not accommodate people with companion animals.

Hamilton PAWS was also committed to developing collaborations, information sharing, and making a positive impact regarding related issues such as: consistent food access for animal companions of families during financial hardship and affordable pet health care options for those currently on a fixed income.  Our goal for assisting each person continues to be aimed at promoting financial and housing stability as well as to promote a community where no one has to choose between accessing essential or crisis services to stabilize their housing or health and pet ownership.

Hamilton PAWS continues to be an agent of change through education, advocacy, and community partnerships. Hamilton PAWS operates solely on donations and the generosity of our partners, volunteers and supporters.